Rodent Control

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Rodent Control

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When rats enter your home or business, they do more than just snack on your goodies and eat holes in your wall. They carry with them very dangerous diseases, and even threaten the structure of your house when they eat through the studs holding your walls up! No home or business can operate while these invaders threaten your home and livelihood!

Each different species of rodent has different habits and varying dietary preferences. Our team of experts has trained in the identification of these sneaky critters so that we can provide you with the best rodent control, while keeping your kids, your pets, and your clients safe, and you happy!

We place specialized rodent control baits and traps in strategic locations throughout your home or business, out of reach of curious kids and pets, of course. Since each species is different, our techniques change to adapt to each threat individually. When rats and mice consume bait, the special formula forces them to become nauseated and dehydrated.

Possums and rats present another challenge, as they usually live outside, and what most don't know is that they're the #1 carrier of fleas. They can injure your pets and plants, and carry similar diseases.This means they can be even more dangerous to have around, given their size. Our trained professionals know all the tricks and techniques to deter these animals from entering your home, and are trained in their capture and transportation away from your home or office!

Don’t let rats and mice threaten your health! Call 1st Defense Pest Control today for the best in rodent control in Harlingen, TX, and the Rio Grande Valley!

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