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Bee Control

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1st Defense Pest Control of Harlingen, TX does not only specialize in extraordinary insect management and extermination. We are also dedicated to the removal, termination, prevention, and control of stinging insects, such as bees. We are the leading bee control company in the area.

Our technicians are thoroughly knowledgeable and skilled in techniques to rid your home and property of these pesky pests! We are available around the clock to answer your call for bee control assistance. Every member of our team is licensed, certified, and insured. Our work is scheduled and designed to meet your unique requirements and comes with a full warranty.

1st Defense Pest Control offers a comprehensive range of services geared to suit your bee control needs. We have full service prevention applications for year-round maintenance, as well as emergency bee removal services. Our staff are professionals at identifying the particular bee problem and formatting a complete solution. We will investigate and resolve your bee problem safely, quickly, and completely. We can solve any bee problem you may encounter, regardless of the size or location of the bee colony.

First, our technicians will locate and exterminate the bees, based on the specific type of bee. Then we will remove the dead bees, any honey combs, and the hive(s). We will clean the area thoroughly and apply preventive measures to keep the area free of future infestations.

We are the leading pest control company in the area and we specialize in thorough bee control for all types of stinging insects, including:

• Bald Faced Hornet
• Bumble Bees
• Carpenter Bees
• Cicada Killer Bees
• Ground Bees
• Honey Bees
• Paper Wasps
• Sand Wasps
• Stink Bugs
• Yellow Jackets

If you are experiencing problems with stinging insects, such as bees, or would like to fully protect your home and property from these insects, 1st Defense Pest Control can assist you. We are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency bee removal. Call us today for all your bee control needs.
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